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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Resetter Canon IP 3300 inkjet Printer

Try to enter service mode and reset EEPROM:

1. Turn printer OFF
2. Hold down RESUME and then hold down POWER
3. release RESUME
4. press RESUME twice, then release POWER
5. Let green light blink until printer is done moving print head.

Now you should be in service mode.

6. Press RESUME once then POWER to execute
This will print head test print. Just if you want to check clogging problems in depth.

7.Press RESUME twice then POWER to execute
This will print EEPROM information ink usage etc.

8. Press RESUME three times then POWER to execute
This will reinitialize (reset) EEPROM

9. Press RESUME twice then POWER to execute
This will print EEPROM information once more, you should compare it with your fist print. All zeroes should be all over the place.
That means your EEPROM is reset.
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